To apply for a partial or full scholarship for any services, please copy and paste these questions with your answers into a word document.  Email that document and a copy of the gross income portion of your most recent IRS form, along with that of other earners in your family to  This information will be kept in strict confidence. People in helping professions may request exemption from inclusion of the IRS form/s.  Those who do not have an IRS form due to immigration status or other extenuating circumstances may also request exemption.

  1. Please describe which services you are interested in and why.
  2. Tell  me about your values.  What’s important to you?
  3. When engaging in services like the ones I offer, what do you perceive your responsibility in the process to be?
  4. Tell me a few quirky things about yourself.  (e.g. I once rescued a possum from a hawk, I always want chocolate chip pancakes instead of birthday cake, I have been kissed by a cow, etc.)
  5. What do you believe qualifies you for a scholarship?
  6. What else would you like for me to know?